Our locations services offers our in depth knowledge of the Caribbean and in particular The Bahamas to shortlist and organise up to date locations that anticipate your needs and match your brief. 

We regularly supply the leading international production companies, directors and photographers with still or motion picture locations that enhance their projects and equally work within their budgets. Consequently we are fast becoming the go-to scouting and locations agency in The Caribbean.

Using our library tool

The new feature

Since the launch of our new website, agents can now upload their own locations for our approval, meaning that our locations library now boasts over 10,000 locations and is constantly being updated. 



100% comprehensive

We have a huge selection of natural locations such as beaches, jungles, mangroves, tropical and Mediterranean-style landscapes, hills, waterfalls, caves, flower gardens, as well as early-settlement  churches, plantation houses, colonial mansions, luxury and contemporary villas, factories, fishing villages, street locations, harbours, piers, jetties and marinas. 

Save time, save money

Simply browse the site using our search filters and add the locations to your 'lightbox', when you are happy with your election you can download them as a PDF and send a copy to us together with your details and we will contact you back with further details as soon as possible.

Our locations service

Our guarentee

If you can't find exactly what you're looking for on the website now, then our experienced location scouts will find it somewhere for you through our bespoke service.

Let us do the leg-work

You can either submit a brief using the form on our homepage or email the details to locations@bahamasproductionservices.com. Using the bespoke service, instead of acting upon your lightbox, we will supply location mood boards in accordance with your brief, and will then contact you to discuss further.

End-to-end reliablility

We are aware that in the film production and photographic industries creative concepts might change and locations need to be adjusted accordingly during the pre-production process, and therefore we keep working until everyone
is happy.
We have been scouting locations in The Bahamas now for over 15 years and our portfolio boasts the most notorious Caribbean-set films, from Pirates of the Caribbean to the latest Visa Commercials.