We offer an equipment rental service, ensuring that you always have what you need where you need it. We can organise virtually all kinds of cameras, underwater cameras, lights and grip, guaranteed to arrive safely and on time anywhere on virtually all Caribbean islands, including Barbados, Bermuda and Jamaica. 

Due to the nature of our business we are able to help production teams reduce cargo and broker costs and eliminate risk of delays during peak seasons. We also have a choice reliable charter planes and sea vessels for transports to smaller islands. 

Here have listed only some of the most commonly used equipment, however please contact us to enquire about more specialist items, or send an equipment list to



(All include Barndoor, Scrims and Ballast)

6K Arri HMI Fernel 220v
4K Arri HMI Fernel 110v
1.2K Arri HMI Par 110v
1.2KW LTM Cinepar HMI (220v 50Hz)
1200 fresnel ARRI (Electronic Ballast)
575W HMI LTM Ambiarc (220v-245v 50Hz)
575 Watt Arri HMI Par 110v
4ft x 4Bank KinoFlo - 5200/3200 Tubes 110v
2ft x 4Bank KinoFlo - 5200/3200 Tubes 110v 
Arri Tungsten Light Kit - 2 Arri 650W / 2 Arri 300W 110 Volt
LED Panel
Mandarines 800w (tungsten)
Mizards 600w (tungsten)
One RING LITE Lite LED Panel
24X36 Lighting Control Kit
4X4 Solid Floppy Flag
4x4 Solid Flag
4x4 Double Net
4x4 Single Net
4x4 Silk
4x4 1/4 Stop Silk
12x12 Silk
12x12 Double Net
42x42 Gold Reflector Board/Hard & Soft side
42x42 Silver Reflector Board/Hard & soft side 


750 Stands / tripple riser
C-Stands 40' / TurtleBase
C-Stands 40' / Rocky Mountain
2/5K Medium Over Head Roller Stand/Riser
2/5K Combo Stand
2/5K Junior Lowboy Roller Stand
6' C-Clamp / With / 2 5/8' spiggots
8' C-Clamp / With / 2 5/8' spiggots
3' Jaw Cardilin Clamp
Junior Wall Plate
Magic Arms
Telescopic Hanger
8ft FilmAir Straight Dolly Track
4Ft FIlmAir Starter Dolly Track
45 Degree Curve FilmAir Dolly Track
Mathews Doorway Dolly / With Bazooka / DanceFloor Wheels / Track Wheels
Apple boxes
12' x 12' Matthews Square Frame / With Ears
6' x 6' Round Frame
Glide Cam
Cam Mate Jib / 25FT Boom / Remote Head
Cartoni Heavy Tripod CS 20
Manfrotto 529B 100mm Hi Hat + Sachtler head
Manfrotto Rolling Spider
1 Avenger Spi( Butterfly) 2M x 2M
1 (butterfly) & refelctor 1M x 2m
2 Reflectors 1M x 1M
1 mirror 70cm x 70cm
Flags kits 5 pieces
10 x Heavy Stands Avenge / Manfroto
10 x Medium stands
20 x Extensions AC
1 traveling (light) with 8m of Rails

Cameras, lenses, filters

Red one digital film camera accessories:

BOMB EVF + 2' LCD Cable + ARM
RED LCD (5.6") + 2' LCD Cable + ARM
RED DRIVE 640 Go + Cable
RED ONE Cf module
RED POWER PACK (Charger + 2 Batteries)
And 6 Batteries+Charger
RED CRADLE (for batteries and hard drive)
2 x BNC to DIN 1.0/2.3 cables
2 x Mini XLR + mini to XLR adaptaters
AC Power adaptator
Handles, Mount, Shoulder Dovetail, Universal Mounts,
Steel Rods (2x^", 2x18", 2x 24"), Bolt Set
RedRock MicroMATTE BOX Red One Bundle
Follow Focus RED ROCK
1 x 4x5.65" 0.6 Neutral Density filer
1 x 4x5.65" 0.6 Neutral Density graduated filter
1 x 4x5.65" circular polarizing filter
1 x 4x4" 0.6 Neutral Density filer
1 x 4x4" circular polarizing filter
- 18mm, 25mm, 35 mm, 50mm, 85mm, 100mm
and Red Pro lens Compact Case

Sony EX3 Hd Camera

with Red Rock Rig and Nikon Prime Lenes
1 - RedRock micro Matte Box
1- 4x5 .65" 0.6 Neutral Density Filter
1 – 4x5.65" 0.3 Neutral Density Filter
1 - 4x5.65" Polarizing filter

Playback Monitors

Panasonic 9" Monitor + SDI (bnc) Cable + light stand


5 channel Sound Devices Field mixer
Schoeps CMIT 5 Shot Gun Mic / with Boom Pole

Power distrobution

6X60 DistroBox 300Amp
3X20 DistroBox 60Amp

50ft Joy / Bates Cable
50ft Ac Edison Cable / Stinger
25ft Ac Edison Cable / Stinger
1.0 50M Camlock Cable / 5 Individual cables